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About Olmero

Olmero – part of the Byggfakta Group: the leading Swiss tendering platform with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. We connect architects, general contractors, tradesmen and suppliers for efficient collaboration in the largest network.

Our Vision
Connect the construction market to help the world build better​

We connect the construction industry and digitalize processes. Thanks to us, companies become more efficient, receive relevant information directly from the construction market and can focus even better on what’s most important: good planning and good construction

Dr. Markus Schulte, CEO von Olmero AG

Markus Schulte


Mit unseren Daten, Erkenntnissen und Softwarelösungen können unsere Kunden mehr verkaufen, ihre Effizienz verbessern und nachhaltiger bauen.

Our culture
With a strong corporate and innovation culture, we aim to develop our full potential as a global organization, attracting, retaining and developing the best talent.

As Head of HR, it is particularly important to me to ensure that our employees can develop their full potential. We invest in their personal development and offer them a wide range of opportunities for professional development. Committed employees contribute to the success of our company!

Francesca Knecht, Head of HR bei Olmero

Francesca Magnani-Knecht

Head of Human Resources

Our Values
The foundation of our success

Olmero-Grafik mit dem Slogan 'WIR FEIERN DEINE ZUSAMMENARBEIT' und zusammengesetzten Puzzleteilen, die die Wertschätzung für Teamarbeit und gemeinschaftlichen Erfolg darstellen.

Being ambitious makes things happen and both, motivates and inspires.

Excellence is expected of us all and we achieve this by working together to find the best solution:

Olmero-Grafik mit der Botschaft 'Nimm Verantwortung' und einer Schachfigur, die die Ermutigung von Eigeninitiative und strategischem Denken im Unternehmen darstellt.

Ownership and responsibility are crucial to efficiency:

Doing the right thing in a professional way, acting with humility and transparency builds trust and confidence.

Grafik von Olmero mit dem Slogan 'WIR SCHÄTZEN DEINE INTEGRITÄT' und einer Waagschale der Gerechtigkeit, was die Wertschätzung von ethischem Verhalten und Ehrlichkeit im Unternehmen symbolisiert

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