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Alle Schritte eines Bauprojekts werden zentral über die Olmero Ausschreibungsplattform gesteuert und kommuniziert, sodass Sie alle Arbeiten – vom Ausheben der Baugrube über den Rohbau, Innenausbau, Elektrik, Heizungstechnik, Umgebungs- und Landschaftsarbeiten – als Bauausschreibungen finden können. Unter den Bauausschreibungen finden Sie sowohl Grossprojekte als auch kleine Bauvorhaben, deren Kommunikation und Effizienz durch die zentrale Abwicklung in besonderem Masse verbessert wird. Nutzen Sie unsere Plattform, die sich in der Schweizer Baubranche als Standard etabliert hat und finden Sie lukrative Bauaufträge.

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All steps of a construction project are centrally controlled and communicated via the Olmero tender platform, so you can find all work – from excavation of the foundation pit to shell construction, interior fittings, electrics, heating engineering, environmental and landscape work – as construction contracts. Among the tenders you will find both large-scale projects and small construction projects, whose communication and efficiency are particularly improved by central processing. Use our platform, which has established itself as the standard in the Swiss construction industry, and find lucrative construction contracts.

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Craftsmen and contractors can easily find orders and submit offers directly to the issuer. You can do this directly on the screen. Once you have found an interesting tender, you can access all the relevant files and information, apply to participate and prepare an offer for the general contractor. Based on your entry in the directory, the general contractor or architect has the opportunity to get an idea of the work you offer.

Visibility with relevant decision-makers

Over 2,500 architects, construction and project managers are active on the tender platform. With your entry in the directory, you can present yourself to the clients with a professional appearance. In addition, your company will be suggested to tendering project managers when they create a tender in your field of work, so that you will be invited to tenders more frequently.

All information in one place

If you as a contractor or craftsman want to find contracts that are interesting for you, you have direct access to all information and all necessary tender documents via the platform. With just a few clicks, you will receive all the relevant information you need for an offer and your application. In addition, you can find building applications, building permits, private and public tenders on Olmero and thus save yourself the effort of searching on several platforms.

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