Our services

The OLMeRO services enable efficiency increases in the construction industry. Communication between those involved in the construction process is improved and processes are simplified.

The tender platform saves time and money in the processing of tenders and enables an up-to-date market overview at all times. The tender process can be controlled very precisely by means of various procedures.

The project platform networks the project participants and optimises their cooperation as a central Internet hub. Project management becomes more comprehensible and efficient because information distribution is optimised and coordination is improved. An electronic construction file is created during the Project.

The repro service ensures fast distribution of paper documents and minimises repro costs. The production processes are focused on plotting and copying plans, copying project folders and all equipment work.

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renovero.ch is the Swiss online marketplace where over 8,000 craftsmen and private clients can be found. For example, home owners and property managers publish their orders here and receive offers from interested craftsmen who can then easily compare them with each other.