BIM Collaboration Service

The BIM (building information modeling) collaboration service complements the core functions of the Olmero project platform and enables fast and direct access to the digital building models (BIM models) stored in the project platform, which are important for the planning and construction management of your project in the company.

The BIM Collaboration Service Software is the basis of the modules BIM Exchange, BIM Coordination and BIM Review. Using the software service, individual building models can be quickly combined into coordination models for planning and construction management, and their contents (e.g. individual building elements) can be made available on the internet as information for all project participants. In addition, 3D markers can be managed for the construction management to comment on the models and link other project documents in the project.

With the BIM Collaboration Service, the Olmero project platform offers the company additional possibilities to network all systems and information required for construction management and project success and to make them available for collaboration. In addition to the BIM modules, external BIM systems, e.g. for collision checking, construction site documentation or facility management, can also be connected via a web interface (API).

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The BIM Collaboration at a glance

  • BIM Collaboration at a Glance The BIM Collaboration Service provides direct internet access to BIM models and associated elements in different model versions for planning and construction management of the construction project.
  • Create coordination models with multiple BIM models and track different model combinations.
  • Direct internet access to 3D markers with designated, annotated and linked model elements.
  • Linking and tracking of 3D markers in different coordination models.
  • Access permissions are maintained.


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All of Switzerland
Gen. Metal construction work, internal glazing, protection area components (BKP-No.: 272.2, 272.3, 272.4)
Gen. carpenter work, closets, racks etc. (BKP-No.: 273.1, 273.3)
General building construction work (BKP-No.: 141, 211, 311, 411)
General sanitary installations (BKP-No.: 145, 251, 351)
Appliances low voltage current (BKP-No.: 143, 235, 335)
Appliances high voltage current (BKP-No.: 143, 231, 331)
Elevators (BKP-No.: 146, 261, 361)
External doors, gates made of metal (BKP-No.: 221.6)
Pit excavation (BKP-No.: 201, 301)
Floor covers made of wood (BKP-No.: 281.7)
Floor covers slab work (BKP-No.: 281.6)
Insulations sanitary installations (BKP-No.: 145, 255, 355)
Plasters (BKP-No.: 142, 226, 326, 414)
Plaster work (BKP-No.: 147, 271, 371, 415)
Internal doors made of wood (BKP-No.: 273)
Internal surface treatments (BKP-No.: 148, 285, 385, 416)
Luminaires and lamps (BKP-No.: 143, 233, 333)
Ventilation systems (BKP-No.: 144, 244, 344)
Assembly with concrete & prefabr. walling (BKP-No.: 141, 212, 312)
Plastic roof coverings (BKP-No.: 224.1)
Shutters, slats and sunshades, glare shield systems (BKP-No.: 228.2, 228.3, 228.4)
Sanitary supply and waste disposal facilities (BKP-No.: 145, 253, 353)
Sanitary lines development (BKP-No.: 145, 254, 354, 455)
Low voltage installations (BKP-No.: 143, 236, 336)
Sheet metal work (BKP-No.: 142, 222, 322, 414)
High voltage installations (BKP-No.: 143, 232, 332)
Floor beddings (BKP-No.: 281)
Wall covers, wall claddings (BKP-No.: 148, 282, 382, 416)
Heat generation (BKP-No.: 144, 242, 342)
Heat distribution (BKP-No.: 144, 243, 343)

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