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Optimized construction management with the OLMeRO project platform

With the OLMeRO project platform you centrally optimize cooperation between all parties involved in construction management and control project processes. The project platform is a plan and document management software, which acts as a central hub for the project documents in the company and simplifies communication between all project participants in the construction project. All files, documents and information are transferred by the participants to the document management system (DMS) and managed digitally; they are always available in an up-to-date version. In addition to improved information distribution and optimized coordination, it is also advantageous that an electronic construction file is automatically created in the data management system (DMS), which makes the entire progress of the project more comprehensible. This is of enormous importance, for example, in the inspection processes in plan management. In addition, the digital document management system (DMS) can save costs and working time that would otherwise have to be invested in routine administrative project management tasks.

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The advantages of the project platform

  • The communication of the construction project becomes easier, legally compliant and management system compliant through the system of digital plan and document management.
  • Location and time independent access to documents in the document management system (DMS) for a clear plan management at any time.
  • Always up-to-date information avoids errors and increases the quality
  • Project newcomers receive easy access to document management and to the project data and digital documents relevant to them through the system.
  • The document management system (DMS) relieves the burden on the company, which saves valuable working time during routine tasks (search and compilation of documents, generation of plan lists, repro orders, etc.).
  • Reduction of plot and repro costs.

Plan and document management across company boundaries

A central database server with an integrated communication module serves as the heart of the project platform and enables planning and document management of the construction project in the company. The project platform administrator can define individual permissions for individual users and user groups so that all parties involved in the project have access to the documents they need. This leads to a clear and legally compliant document management during all phases of the construction project.

The modules of the OLMeRO project platform

Optimize plan movements with the document management system (DMS) from OLMeRO

For an economically successful project execution, optimal coordination in the company as well as the traceability of all document and plan movements is crucial. The OLMeRO project platform therefore uses the plan management module as part of the document management system (DMS). It simplifies the distribution of plans, defines workflows/processes and ensures comprehensible, structured and up-to-date documentation of the construction project. The module is available as a standard solution in the basic version of the project platform, but also as a project- or customer-specific configuration. Further modules such as pendency management, defect management and many more can be added individually.

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The concrete benefits of the OLMeRO project platform

The project platform simplifies construction management in your company by defining processes in the system. If desired, the software can be adapted to your corporate identity so that you receive a tailor-made solution for your documents. All project communication runs centrally via the project platform and you determine the type and manner of cooperation, thereby creating transparency and always maintaining an overview of all relevant project processes. The modular structure also allows you to extend the project platform with modules that are relevant to your project.

  • Document management platform for controlling and more: You define the criteria and processes for the metadata-based document management system (DMS) and the management of tasks, project changes and defects. The project platform documents the document management of all processes seamlessly, records change processes for individual documents, ensures compliance with processes and checks whether documents are received according to the project plan. Additional controlling functions tailored to the project give all participants an overview of the current planning status.
  • Cost savings through optimized processes: Automatically generated messages, automated document filing and an effective search function help to reduce coordination errors in document management and communication. Uniform information levels through complete documentation also prevent differences and ambiguities. Routine tasks are reduced because many processes are automated.
  • Save plot and repro costs: Plans can be viewed directly on the screen without additional software. In addition, you have the possibility to plot complete plans at the push of a button with OLMeRO repro service at a reasonable price and have them delivered to you within a short time.
  • Risk reduction: All project participants log into the project platform for document management with their own user name and password and only have access to files, documents and information that have been activated for them. The project platform also contributes to risk reduction in construction management: Every project change, every document change and every failure in plan and document management can be traced back in a legally compliant way. This makes it possible to see at a glance who has done what and when or missed it. Our IT resources guarantee high availability through professional hosting. Your data security is also guaranteed by encrypted data exchange (128-bit SSL), firewalls, virus scanners, complete logging of all interactions and regular back-ups.

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