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Efficient defect management for your construction project - with OLMeRO

With our defect management software, you can easily record construction defects, track them and completely document their elimination - in a central online database including all parties involved. The OLMeRO defect management helps you competently and reliably with the defect recording, defect management and defect elimination to ensure the project success for all parties involved - so that you not only save time, but also money.

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Your advantages

  • Efficient defect recording: both directly on the construction site via smartphone or tablet and conveniently in the office on the PC.
  • Photos, dictaphone recordings, plans and other documents can be attached to any defect.
  • Clients and entrepreneurs have direct access to a central, always up-to-date defect overview.
  • Electronic feedback from entrepreneurs - upon request directly into the defect database
  • Defect, message, attachment and feedback from entrepreneurs are automatically mapped via the history and fully documented.
  • Date and deadline control: Warranty or defect rectification periods can be managed simply and clearly.
  • After expiry of the warranty period: Archiving of all defects incl. correction history on data medium
  • Simple introduction: Your previous table templates for defect recording are mapped one-to-one in the system. Therefore, no changes to established workflows are necessary.
  • SIA 118-compliant

Meaning and time of defect recording

The efficiency of defect recording is therefore crucial in order to rectify defects as quickly as possible or to have them rectified professionally. OLMeRO defect management is perfectly suitable to introduce important routines in defect processing. In the future, the handling of defects in new projects will be structured from the outset and will be comprehensible. The systematic documentation of all defects helps to maintain a permanent overview of their professional rectification - and to be able to reproduce this long after completion of construction.

Even after construction, during the warranty phase and afterwards, it is often necessary to document and professionally remedy defects that are discovered or appear late.

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Mobile defect management in construction - with OLMeRO's software module

Depending on the severity, time of discovery, affected area and complexity of the overall project, construction defects often lead to impairments and delays, which are associated with high costs. Generally it applies: The better the recording of defects succeeds and the clearer the documentation is, the more target-oriented and faster you can remedy the existing defects or have them remedied.

OLMeRO's defect management software enables you to record, document and archive all construction defects directly on site via tablet or smartphone - in image, text and sound. With the web-based, modular management tools, all involved project partners and executing companies can be integrated. In addition, they function as controlling instruments that keep you electronically up to date on the current processing status.

Procedure of the OLMeRO defect management

The OLMeRO project platform

The "Defect Management" module is a sub-module of the OLMeRO project platform: The OLMeRO project platform connects and coordinates planners, controllers and executors of construction projects of various sizes and complexity in the sense of time- and cost-efficient project realization: uncomplicated, direct and cross-company. It enables you to access all relevant project data and documents independent of time and place as well as simple and legally compliant project communication and coordination processes. If required, further specific modules can be integrated, with the help of which you can conveniently and professionally map a large number of further project management processes.

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