Minimize repro costs - print construction plans with the Olmero repro service

The Olmero printing centers in Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lausanne and Geneva enable you to plot construction plans for construction projects quickly and cost-effectively. Architects, specialist planners and general contractors can easily print plans using the Olmero platforms. Large orders and individual plots are delivered within one working day to all project participants throughout Switzerland.

Order plans now via the ordering platform

The advantages of the Olmero repro service at a glance

  • Direct order for plotting the plan via the free ordering platform, document storage, project room, data carrier or post office
  • Plans are printed in Zurich, Basel, Berne, Lausanne and Geneva
  • Orders placed by 3 p.m. are delivered on the next day throughout Switzerland
  • Courier service in Zurich, Basel, Berne, Lausanne, Geneva and the surrounding areas
  • High print quality on Swiss paper
  • Support in German, French and Italian
  • No minimum order
  • Printing of up to 1.50 m wide construction plans
  • Digitization and archiving of construction plans and documents

Order at repro service

With the help of the Olmero Internet platforms, you can efficiently place orders for construction plans and other project documents and easily exchange project data and templates of your construction project with participating partners. No matter whether you want to plot plans in large format, make copies or order a simple print.

Orders via the free order platform

The free order platform is the simplified digital order processing of the repro service. Orders can be bundled and are traceable at any time. There are several ways to order a print. You can either register at the online ordering platform and enter your order there, or you can send the plans for your construction project to be printed via email. For orders placed before 03:00 pm, we will immediately print the construction plan and deliver it on the next working day.

Orders via the repro order platform with document storage

The repro order platform with document storage enables cross-company access to project documents of the construction project. All participants can thus access files and exchange documents in various file formats. This guarantees that every project partner always works with the latest construction plans for your construction project. All steps are easy to follow. Participants can be assigned different rights and can, for example, only register as recipients or benefit from permission to print construction plans and templates. The distribution of the plans works according to the "call-off" principle, so that each participant can have the construction plan plotted as required. This saves you unnecessary plots and therefore costs.

Orders via the project platform

The project platform is suitable for medium-sized and large projects, which can also be used to place orders for printing blueprints and to bundle repro orders. The project platform offers a variety of solutions for project and business processes, thus enabling a legally compliant exchange of documents and information. The rights of all project participants can also be individually adapted here, so that construction plans can be plotted as required.

Orders via the Olmero tendering platform

Reproduction orders can also be placed via the Olmero tendering platform. The tendering platform has proven itself for projects of all types and sizes: It saves you time in tendering and gives you a better overview of the market. With the tendering platform, project and tender documents such as construction plans can be printed via the repro service and thus also automatically distributed in paper form.

Printing your construction plan in the best quality

The Olmero tools' simple ordering options and accelerated processes allow you to concentrate on the essentials. Meanwhile, the repro service takes care of your documents and construction plans. In addition, our printing centers in Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lausanne or Geneva send or deliver the plans quickly, inexpensively and in the best possible quality to all those involved in the project. But quality also means that the Olmero employees are there to advise you. Our consultants will be happy to help you with tailor-made document and communication exchanges.


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