Carsten Matzenbacher, Matzenbacher Immobilien AG

Carsten Matzenbacher, Matzenbacher Immobilien AG

"Olmero is a great medium for me because I can reach an extremely large number of craftsmen in just a few clicks. Without the tendering platform, it would take far too long to find out the contact details and make contact with so many craftsmen. This efficiency is sensational for us."

Matzenbacher Immobilien AG has been building large superstructures, apartment buildings and condominiums as a total contractor since 2006. Carsten Matzenbacher, owner of the company, takes care of everything himself from the beginning to the end of the project: From the purchase of the building land to the project development with the architect to the tendering details and handover to the buyers. Every year Carsten Matzenbacher builds 50 to 80 apartments, mainly in the regions from Zurich to Basel. For the implementation of his projects he uses various Olmero products. In an interview with Olmero, Carsten Matzenbacher talks about his experiences with the tendering platform, the Repro Service and the Project Platform.

Mr. Matzenbacher, how did the cooperation with Olmero come about?
In an earlier project we had to order plans for the building permits. The architect did this at a regular printing centre. The cost of this set of plans scared me completely, it was about CHF 18 for one plan. So I googled and found the Repro Service of Olmero. I quickly realised that we not only benefit from the lower prices and the speed of delivery, but also from the ease of use of the ordering platform. We also have our own client advisor who assists us perfectly since day one (laughs.)

You started out with our Repro Service, which specialises in construction, and now you also use the tendering platform of Olmero?
Exactly. We put the first project out to tender in 2016 and are so convinced of the service that we have now also tendered the "Schlossblick Holderbank" project.

What convinced you?
Olmero is a great medium for me because I can reach an extremely large number of craftsmen in just a few clicks. Without the tendering platform, it would take far too long to find out the contact details and make contact with so many craftsmen. This efficiency is sensational for us.

Are there any criteria that you take into account for the contractors?
No. Anyone who applies for a tender is allowed to bid. 

How does the contact with the contractors take place?
I receive up to 20 offers per tender. Of these, I invite about five contractors to a personal meeting to discuss the offer and technical clarification. In a further bidding round, the contract is then awarded among the potential 2-3 contractors.

How do you manage the platform concerning your existing network of contractors?
As I do not use the platform as an evaluation tool, but only for sending tender documents, I am writing to my existing network directly via email. I then upload the SIA offers received from the tender platform and from my contacts into my construction administration system.

How was the work without TP in the past?
I had three ways: Either I simply worked with the contractors I already knew or I used the Google search. Then there were also still written applications on construction publications of contractors, to whom I also sent the documents. 

How much time do you save with Olmero?
Enormously much, I am at least twice as fast as before. I define the tendering details myself anyway, the few clicks to set the details to Olmero are then only a very small effort. I can also access Olmero from anywhere, issue approvals and view prices.

What are the biggest advantages of Olmero for you?
I get a great overview of the market. There are always price outliers up and down, but I'm not interested in them. In addition, contractors from far away apply for the job, which I would not write to on my own initiative. However, as the contractors consciously apply for my tender, they are also aware of how long the journey could be. This immediately expands the selection of contractors once again.

After the Repro Service and the tendering platform, you also work with the plot room in your latest project. Can you tell us about your first experiences?
As a construction owner, it is very interesting for me to always have access to the latest plans. Of course, the Project Platform is only as good as it is used. However, thanks to the intuitive operation the project participants do not shy away from it, but also see it as support in project communication. Since we can also print and deliver plans via the Project Platform, it is the optimal bridge between digital and paper.

Each Project Platform uses meta data, which must be defined when uploading a new plan. Which ones are in use at your company?
As we did not want to burden ourselves with much additional work, our client advisor recommended the meta data subject area, plan type, plan date, phase and index. We're doing very well with that.

What happens with your Project Platform data after the project ends?
After project completion I will order an archive, so I have all planning versions on my server.

Short biography of Mr. Matzenbacher
Carsten Matzenbacher started his career in the building industry with an apprenticeship as a carpenter. Afterwards he completed his studies as a civil engineer. He came to Switzerland 20 years ago and started his own business. He is constantly on the lookout for new building land.

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