Christian Egli, egli jona ag

“Thanks to Olmero I can search for open tenders in my catchment area and win new customers very easily. In my opinion, contractors miss a great opportunity when they are not participating. The Premium Module is also indispensable in times of digitalisation"

You are already Olmero customers for a long time. Can you give us a small introduction of your company?
Egli Jona AG with approx. 120 employees handles projects for private and major customers. In the areas of redesign, redevelopment and consulting we realise gardens, pools and parks.

What motivated you to become a customer of Olmero?
Before Olmero we were dependent on the fact that construction owners and planners informed us about the tender. It often happened that we were forgotten as well. Thanks to the Olmero tendering platform, we can easily be invited by our partners. In addition, tenders in our catchment area can easily be searched for and included in the calculation. 

You also have the so-called Premium Module, i.e. the possibility to present yourself with pictures and additional text. Why did you decide to do this?
I thought about our customer’s perspective. If I receive an offer and only see a company name, I cannot decide whether this contractor is suitable. Thanks to the Premium Module, I can present my work, my team and my competences with an overview and some pictures and convince the advertiser.

What do you see as the advantages of the Premium Module?
You can present yourself. My company also gets a face on the tendering platform. Advertisers get an impression and can therefore decide not only by numbers. It is a competitive advantage for both sides. The contractors can convince the advertisers of their quality. For their part, the advertisers receive a picture of the company and know who they are getting involved with. In times of digitalisation the Premium Module is indispensable. 

Were you able to gain new customers through Olmero?
Yes, definitely. I can search for open tenders in my catchment area and thus easily win new customers. 

In what way has Olmero changed your work?
Olmero is for me a part of the changes that have come with digitalisation. When I joined the company young, we worked with fax machines and submitted offers in paper form. With Olmero we receive offers digitally and submit offers digitally as well. Olmero has changed with the times and was a pioneer in the digitalisation of the construction industry. Also, today Olmero is the number one. The platform offers so much and brings together supply and demand in an optimal way. In my opinion, contracts miss a great opportunity when they are not participating. 

What do you expect from your presence on Olmero in the future?
I hope that we will be able to expand our presence at Olmero even further. The still picture is replaced by the moving one. We maintain a Youtube channel and there are also many videos on our website. I can imagine that in the future you can use the Premium Module to present your company, your competences and references by means of a film.

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