Juho Nyberg, Juho Nyberg Architecture GmbH

"With the procedure on the tender platform I can save a lot of time and money. The whole tendering process becomes much more efficient!"

In addition to his work as an architect, Juho Nyberg is also involved with architecture as a member of the editorial board of the eMagazine of www.swiss-architects.com. In addition, articles written by him have been published in various magazines such as NZZ am Sonntag, werk, bauen + wohnen, archithese, IdealesHEIM and Caminada Magazin. Since 2010 he has also been a member of the jury of the Foundation Award for Swiss Young Architects. 

Tell us something about your company.
Since 2008 I run my own architectural office, in 2012 I founded Juho Nyberg Architektur GmbH. We currently have four employees and work mainly in the region of Zurich. The acquisition of new projects is mainly on a private level and is conducted with personal relationships. 

What types of projects do you carry out?
We do a lot of rebuilding. It is very exciting to continue the history of existing projects. I like to be challenged by the framework conditions of a rebuild. A reconstruction always allows the story of an object to be told. I am also fascinated by the often surprisingly good building material of old buildings, which convey much of the craftsmanship of the time.

You work with the Olmero tender platform. Which project is currently being tendered?
We are currently tendering the work of the MFH Sumatrastrasse in Zurich via the tender platform. This project is our biggest so far. We work with NPK-Devis, so we can optimally use the SIA interface on Olmero to compare the received offers and thus create transparency. In contrast to smaller projects and conversions, where I can discuss the work on the construction site with the plasterer, for example, the approach to a new building is of course different.

How do you handle tenders without the Olmero tender platform?
I send all documents to interested contractors by mail - this takes a lot of time and money. I also work on smaller projects, mostly with contractors I already know.

As a tenderer, you can choose the tendering procedure yourself. What is the best for you?
My Olmero customer advisor recommended the selective procedure to me. This means that I can invite craftsmen from my existing network directly via the platform, but also other craftsmen who are active on the tender platform can apply for the tender. They will only receive access to the documents if I accept the application. This procedure is very suitable for me because I can include my existing network in the tendering process on Olmero free of charge.

You receive a lot of applications, what do you pay attention to with the applicants?
I look at the applicants in the yellow pages. The more information there is, the more it appeals to me. I also pay attention to the applicants' location, I prefer to work with local contractors.

What convinces you on the tender platform?
I am convinced by the simple calculation and the transparency. With the procedure on the tender platform, I can save a lot of time and money. The whole tendering process becomes much more efficient!

Why should other architects also benefit from the tender platform?
An architect should use Olmero to save time. All the paperwork is eliminated: Print, pack, send. From an economic point of view it is worth the effort and it is also fun to work with it. The free advice provided by Olmero employees is also an advantage. I was personally trained in my office by my customer advisor - within a very short time I understood the platform and was able to work with it right away.

Image source: Debora Eliyo-Zeyrek

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