Marc Bachmann, Viessmann AG

"In our company it is important for us to locate projects in Switzerland early on and then follow them up in a targeted and orderly manner.”

What made you decide to activate a supplier account?
In our company it is important for us to locate projects in Switzerland at an early stage and then follow them up in a targeted and orderly manner. That was the deciding factor for us to choose Olmero.
Personally, I used to think that we always get the information too late when working with such a tool and was against Olmero for a long time. I had to or was allowed to change my attitude after an extensive Olmero presentation! I quickly recognized the added value. The data quality and ease of use of Olmero convinced me. The fact that projects do not all have to be acquired manually, which costs a lot of time, is also a gain.

In conclusion, did Olmero pay off for you, although you were against it before?
From today's point of view, yes, very much! I am glad that we have decided in this way, even if it is a high investment, but it is worth it.

What are the most important advantages of a supplier account for you?
The after sales service is exemplary! You have a contact person who you can call at any time and who can help you with problems and questions.

Why did you choose for Olmero in particular?
Olmero has always come back to us and recalled us. When the moment came to decide, Olmero was present.
I also enjoyed the competence in the sales talk. From the moment we decided that Olmero could be interesting for us, an Olmero employee came by and explained the service to us well. Much more important, however, is the after-sales-support during use, which is above average at Olmero.

How has Olmero changed your work? 
We invest more time in project acquisition. At the same time, it is a management tool to support sales people in regions with potential, which is a real added value. You have more contacts available and at the same time more comprehensive market information. We also win orders as a result.
We receive the weekly construction data from Olmero, which are selected by us and imported directly into our own CRM tool, from where we can then distribute them further. On the one hand we work on the market, on the other hand we can collect data in a simple way.

What do you expect from your presence at Olmero in the future?
That we are involved in projects at an early stage. Olmero already does a lot very well. The data preparation is well-founded and clear and there are many good and interesting tenders on the platform. We hope that we will be present at projects earlier and earlier and perhaps get access to a planner who doesn't know us yet.
It is also important for us to be able to identify and approach important regional companies such as planners or architects.

Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Anything else you want to say?
Spontaneously, I can't think of any suggestions for improvement. It's very well done and once you know how it works, it's great to work with.

What else do you have to say? 
The operating instructions provided by Olmero are sensational. These are a great advantage when training new employees, because everything is explained precisely and clearly.
We are glad that we chose Olmero, although I was one of the critics, but I was very positively surprised.

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