Thomas Grob, Velopa AG

"Olmero helps us to contact the right person at the right time"

What made you decide to activate a supplier account?
Olmero is certainly one of the most comprehensive tender platforms. It is very important for us that the current tenders are up to date. Furthermore, we can enjoy a professional appearance on Olmero, with which we can convey a good image and increase our level of awareness.

Have you been able to win customers that you didn't have before?
We were able to submit an alternative offer to existing customers for tendered but undefined products. This has already enabled us to win properties for ourselves. This cooperation also resulted in new contact opportunities.

So that you could then also get closer to the neutral tenders?

What are the most important advantages of a supplier account for you?
That you have a lot of search possibilities, e.g. by storing the search terms, which is extremely important for us. We have a very wide assortment, which we can offer on the market. Olmero offers us the possibility to be present without restrictions.

You also use the building project information module for building applications and building permits, where you can contact the decision-makers during the planning phase. What are your experiences with it?
Our products are not yet too relevant in the building permit phase. If a building application is submitted for single-family or multi-family houses, the topic is present, but still too far away for implementation. We use the tool, but the priority is not on it.

To what extent has the use of the building project information module changed your market development?
Olmero helps us to contact the right person at the right time. One can try to exert influence in an early project phase, which is very useful.

Did you already have a procedure for such activities before or did OLMeRO add this?
In the past, we obtained the information in the construction sheet and manually selected and processed the projects. In this respect, the process was optimized by the OLMeRO building project information module.

Why did you choose Olmero? 
It was an additional step in the expansion of our sales activities.

How has Olmero changed your work? Were there processes that were adapted? Time that could be saved?
We have commissioned a member of our staff to manage the Olmero account, who has compiled the information provided. We have found that OLMeRO's tendering platform is another channel through which requests come to us. In the time of digitization one must keep the connection to such tools. Sometimes it's an elaborate Sherlock Holmes job to get the information we need. With Olmero, we have comprehensive information at a glance that is more difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Can you give us some examples of projects in which Olmero has been able to win you an order?
For example, there was the Bombach residential development in Zurich-Höngg, where we were allowed to supply and install bicycle shelters and parking systems.

What do you expect from your presence at Olmero in the future?
We expect to be able to continue to generate good contacts with potential customers in order to further expand our business.

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