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Construction tenders for all areas of the construction industry

The tenders that can be processed electronically via the Olmero tendering platform concern all areas of the construction industry.

Easy tendering in Switzerland with Olmero

The tenders that can be processed electronically via the Olmero tendering platform concern all areas of the construction industry. All project phases, work steps and information – from excavation of the pit, structural work and interior work to environmental and landscape work – are communicated centrally. All project sizes can be managed via Olmero’s tendering platform – construction tenders for small projects as well as large projects.

Tendering construction projects in Switzerland online

With our tendering platform, we provide you with a web-based infrastructure and service with which you can issue public tenders for your construction projects in all cantons of Switzerland online. It was developed in close cooperation with representatives of the Swiss construction industry, including architects and project managers. Thanks to our intensive contact with construction practice, the range and functions of the digital tendering platform are constantly being further developed, adapted and optimized. Our digital platform offers you the following features:

The various tendering procedures

Olmero’s tendering platform supports the following procedures for the publication of tenders in all the cantons of Switzerland:

Tenders are visible to all suppliers registered with Olmero; they have access to all tender documents.

Only invited bidders who have been admitted after an application will have access to the tender documents.

In this procedure, only invited bidders find out about the RFx, can access your documents and submit a bid.

Only after the deadline for submission has expired does the tendering body gain access to the tender documents. For this purpose, the system draws up a submission protocol, which must be signed by the officials present. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about “Olmero – public sector”.

Evaluate and control construction tenders

You can compare all offers for your tenders in Switzerland with the Olmero tender platform, export them and transfer them to your own IT system. This ensures a faster and structured evaluation of the offers received. All data is also available to you in further project phases. You can make changes to your construction tenders at any time. Upon request, all suppliers participating in the tender will be informed of the changes by e-mail or fax.

Construction tender platform

More and more owners and architects are using the Olmero platform to optimise their submission process. In particular, the excellent digital networking of all those involved in the construction process, from the architect to the manufacturer, is crucial. The submission platform offers an increase in efficiency for all parties involved in the tender process by enabling users to find companies easily and to involve them in the tender process without any effort.

Added value for all involved: Thanks to the networking of the executing companies as well as the suppliers and manufacturers, issuers receive suitable offers without the execution quality suffering.

For more than 20 years, Olmero has served as a tender platform where clients as well as contractors, suppliers and manufacturers can easily present themselves online. Get a better overview of the market and take advantage of the benefits offered to you at attractive conditions thanks to our customised fee model.

Eine Infografik, die den genauen Ablauf und der Olmero Ausschreibungsplattform erklärt

The Olmero tendering platform for entrepreneurs and construction suppliers

Of course, entrepreneurs and construction suppliers benefit from the tendering platform just as much as builders. The platform serves as a complete solution for the entire online processing and publication of tenders.

For entrepreneurs

 the tendering platform provides you with an overview of current tenders in Switzerland. You will also receive regular email updates on new projects and tenders. This information not only creates transparency and a better market overview, but also enables you to contact clients directly and apply for participation in the tender with one click.


For construction suppliers

you will be informed about projects in the planning phase thanks to the supplier module and will receive a weekly overall view via email. This means that you are always informed about tenders, project statuses and participating companies and can take efforts at the right time for a contract award. 

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