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If you register as a supplier with Olmero, you will be informed in real time about construction projects, can view all relevant data and receive requests for offers from contractors carrying out the work.

All information from one source

The supplier module of the Olmero tender platform provides you with information about new tenders according to BCC and newly created projects. You will also receive requests for offers from contractors. By making all information available at any time, Olmero creates a continuous object processing that begins in the planning phase and extends to the start of construction: Building applications, public submissions, contract notifications and more.

Eine einfache Illustration, die Terminplanung und Aufgabenverwaltung symbolisiert, mit einem Kalender auf der linken Seite, der farbige Markierungen für verschiedene Tage zeigt, und einer angehefteten Aufgabenliste mit abgehakten Aufgaben auf der rechten Seite, überlagert von einem Cursor, der gerade eine Aufgabe auswählt

Projects in the planning phase

With Olmero, you are informed weekly in an ordered general overview about projects that are still in the planning phase: Preliminary enquiries from GC submissions and new projects published by Olmero issuers, including all relevant key data such as construction location, start and end of construction and many more. This allows you to address the decision-makers in good time.

Tenders at Olmero

Every year, around 10,000 tenders with a total budget of several billion Swiss francs are processed via the Olmero tender platform. As a supplier, you always stay informed about the respective tender status with us so that you can apply for an award at the right moment. In addition, you will receive information about clients and craftsmen, e-mail notifications of offer requests from craftsmen (including contact details), information about the building object and much more.

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Attractive presentation of your company

If you register as a supplier with Olmero, you will be present for your target group exactly where the craftsman obtains his tender documents, makes offer requests and submits the offer to the issuer. With your company logo and a short description including services and a link to your company website, you present yourself to potential business partners. You can design this presence according to your product and service areas as well as market regions (in both German and French).

Public tenders

Current information on public tenders in building construction and civil engineering is also displayed in the supplier module of the Olmero tender platform. This saves you time-consuming research, which you would otherwise have to spend on various platforms in order to find the desired tenders.

Symbolische Darstellung einer Bauausschreibungsplatffrom, gezeigt durch ein stilisiertes Haus, das auf einer Browser-Fenstergrafik platziert ist, mit einem Cursor, der auf eine interaktive Schaltfläche zeigt, was die öffentlichen Submissionen suggeriert
  • Receive quote requests directly via the tender platform

    If you register as a supplier with Olmero, you will be informed in real time about construction projects, can view all relevant data and receive requests for offers from contractors carrying out the work. The platform also facilitates the evaluation of incoming information and enquiries, which makes it an effective tool for acquisition and market cultivation for all suppliers.

  • Benefit from the offered information

    Olmero combines all the important information for successful object processing on the tender platform. As a manufacturer and trader of building products, you will benefit from this information offer: Through the Olmero network, you have access to projects that are still in the planning phase and are created and managed by general contractors, owners and architects. You receive all project and tender information at the right time, as well as contact details and offer requests from craftsmen in your area who are included in the calculation.

This is how it works

  • Presence of your own products and services in the online tender process with GCs, architects and owners
  • Information reports from contractors, who participate in tenders
  • Requests for offers from contractors and issuers with access to foreign exchange rates and plans
  • Building applications, building permits, project and tender information, public submissions, preliminary project enquiries, order and costing notifications, all from one source, all on one platform

Automatic notifications through the construction data module

The platform’s construction data module provides you with daily updates on planning applications and building permits in your region – so you won’t miss any relevant information about new construction projects. In addition, you will receive the contact information of all parties involved (owners, architects, GC/TC, planners and craftsmen). The database can be accessed at any time. In addition, we send you an e-mail once a week with all the data according to your selection – in PDF, Excel and CSV formats.

We would be happy to personally show you our product

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