For planners, building owners and GC/TC

Our online tools and digital services enable planners, builders and general contractors to optimize the project management of their construction projects while also improving the flow of information and documents within the company thanks to the document management system (DMS). Our project management software includes a tendering platform, a digital project room and a repro service. 

For construction suppliers

Construction suppliers use the tendering platform for effective object processing. For years, OLMeRO has been providing an Internet-based platform that, as a digital document management system, encompasses all information and documents that are important for successful object processing and successful management of the tasks of your project. 

For craftsmen and entrepreneurs

For craftsmen and builders, our digital tendering platform simplifies the task of acquiring orders. In combination with our service for building applications and building permits, companies receive an optimal market overview at all times, based on the motto "Knowing what is being built where". Craftsmen and entrepreneurs have access to the tender documents and information and can easily apply for tender participation on our platform and plan their projects in a resource-saving way.

Tendering platform

The digital tendering platform saves the company time and money in processing tenders and provides an up-to-date market overview and information at all times. By means of various procedures, the tendering process can be controlled very precisely and with low resource consumption.

Project platform

The project platform is a planning and document management platform that networks the project participants and optimizes their collaboration and project planning as a central system. Project management becomes more comprehensible and efficient because the document management system (DMS) makes the distribution of information transparent and thus optimizes the coordination and workflow of those involved in the project. A digital construction file is created during the project.

Repro service

Repro service ensures fast distribution of paper documents, minimizes repro costs and thus conserves resources. Production processes are focused on plotting and tasks such as duplicating plans, copying project folders and all equipment work.

About OLMeRO

Launched in 2001 as a spin-off of ETH Zurich, OLMeRO is the market-leading provider of Internet-based solutions for the construction industry and supports the communication and project management of those involved in the construction project. OLMeRO's tools provide digital solutions to simplify processes and tasks, deliver documents and information, and increase productivity in your organization. Several thousand architects, specialist planners, GC, entrepreneurs and construction suppliers are active on the various platforms every day.